Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrow

I Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31

John 19:25-27

The masks we wear do prevent us from catching a virus, but they also prevent others from seeing our broken hearts. Every one of us each day climbs MT. Calvary. We all hold in our hearts a sorrow that is concealed from others to see. We suffer in silence, and it is such a personal thing.

Today we celebrate the Seven Sorrows of Mary. She, too, knew what it was like to suffer in silence. Mary was created perfect, but she did not live a perfect life. She suffered her seven sorrows, and we are told that a sword would pierce her heart. She would suffer ridicule from being with a child before she was married, she suffered fleeing into a foreign land at the hands of King Herod, and today she stands at the foot of the cross, wanting to do something to relieve the suffering of her son.

In all of Mary’s suffering, we are told of something at the beginning of her chosen life that we, too, need to learn. We are told that when the shepherds came to her after the birth of Jesus, and when Simeon told her what would happen to her son, she took all these things are she pondered them in her heart.

My friends in Christ, to ponder over our sorrows, mean that we take all of our sorrows and place them before God, and we hope and trust that God knows what is best in each sorrow. To ponder means that we know that in our sorrows, all things are possible in God in whom we put our trust and our hope? Mother of all sorrows interceded for us. 

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