We are chosen!

Friday of the Twenty-Eighth Week

Ephesians 1:11-14

Luke 12:1-7

I can remember back in High School and during my college years asking myself the questions, “Who am I?” “What is my purpose in life?” “What am I going to do with my life?” These are all excellent questions to ask ourselves, but one question comes even before these questions. It is the question that God asks of us, “Do you know that I have chosen you to be a beloved child of God?” If I had spent more time reflecting on this question, I could have saved myself years of worry and fear.

In our first reading, the writer of Ephesians says, “Do you know in Christ you have been chosen, and your destiny and purpose have are laid out for you?” The writer continues by saying, “We all exist to give glory and praise to God!”

In our Gospel, I cannot get past the opening line, which tells us that there were so many people following Jesus that the people were tripping over each other to get to him. What Jesus does next is what I find interesting. With all these people following him, he turns to his disciples and says, “Boys, lets for not pay attention to these people; this is what you need to know.”

The first thing Jesus says is, “Do not be a hypocrite.” The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word, “To act.” Jesus is telling his disciples, “Be who I have chosen you to be! Do not go outside of what you are in my eyes.”

The next thing Jesus tells them is, “Do not be afraid, because you are worth my then sparrows.” Why did he not say, “You are worth more than diamonds, rubies, or gold?” I believe because God knows we think of ourselves more as something worthless, than something worth a lot. Jesus is telling them, “I have chosen you, and you are worth everything to me.”

The last thing he wants the disciples to know is because they have been chosen every hair on our head. Now that is getting easier every day for the angel assigned to counting the hair on my head?

My brothers and sisters, can we live in the grace of knowing that we have chosen by God for a particular purpose, and are we willing to accomplish all that God has planned for us. It begins right now by receiving this Holy Eucharist?

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