It was a great new beginning!

Thursday Octave of Easter

Acts 3:11-26

Luke 24 35-48

It was a great beginning, but it was short lived, my three days off after Easter! I went to bed two nights beyond my usual bedtime. I slept in all three days. I did not shave for two days, and one day I did not shower until bedtime, and that was because I smelled so bad I could not stand myself. It was not the kind of a new beginning that is sustainable. Our readings have a lot to do with new beginnings.

In our Gospel, Jesus had appeared to two disciples along the road to Emmaus. The two disciples go back and tell the others, and Jesus appears before all of them as they are locked in a home, and they are scared and terrified. It is not a good new beginning, and so Jesus tells them, “Peace be with you!” Jesus shows them his hands and his feet, he lets them touch him, and he eats with them. Jesus opens the scriptures to them and helps them understand that he has indeed risen from the dead. Jesus tells them, “You are witnesses to these things.” Something new and sustainable is beginning.

In the Apostles Acts, Peter and John have healed a crippled man, and the people are amazed, but they do not understand how this is possible. It is not a good start, so Peter recalls the scriptures that refer to what is taking place.

My friends in Christ, how is our new beginning going since Easter morning? May we know the joy of new beginnings with the risen Christ by our side?  

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