Give alms and everything will be made clean!

Tuesday Twenty-Eighth Week Ordinary Time

Romans 1:16-25

Luke 11:37-41

I hope that you did not give up on the Gospel. It is only five sentences, but it is powerful, and the best is at the end.

In our Gospel, Jesus is at dinner with a Pharisee, and it gets ugly pretty quick. The Pharisee is amazed that Jesus did not do all the prescribed washes. Moses prescribed ceremonial washes, and every Jewish did those washes, but the Pharisees had more washings, and Jesus did not do these washes. Jesus can tell the Pharisee is upset, so Jesus makes no excuses for not doing the washings, and he calls the Pharisee out by saying, “You cleanse the outside of the cup and the inside of the cup is still dirty.”

But here is where the answer is to keep the inside clean. Jesus says, “We keep the inside clean by giving alms.” The book of Tobit 4:6, “To all who give alms, you will practice righteousness at its highest level.” Why, because almsgiving comes from within at our deepest level.

When we believe our money is God’s money, when we see time as God’s time, and when we see people in the image and likeness of God, is when we inside will look as good as our outside.

May we give from all we have!

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