Clean the windshield inside and out!

Wednesday of the 28th Week

Romans 2:1-11

Luke 11:42-46

How clean is your windshield? Are there dead bugs all over it? Is there a crack in your windshield? How about that grease film on the inside of your windshield? How bad is that because it still blocks our vision? Our readings beg the question of us to clean our windshield so we may see through it correctly.

In our first reading, one might say, “My windshield is not bad, just a few bugs, and that messy inside smear is doable.” St. Paul says to us, “Do you know that when we judge others is when we too are going to be judged?” When then do you judge others? St. Paul continues with, “God’s kindness is meant to lead us to clean our windshields, not to leave them dirty?”

Our Gospel is all about cleaning the windshield because Jesus knows it is so dirty we cannot see through it correctly. Jesus says to the religious leaders three times, “Woe to you, for leading others astray by your words and your actions.” We might say, “But Lord, I can still drive with a dirty windshield?” Jesus says one more time, “Woe to you also, who think they are still able to drive away.”

May we clean the windshield of our lives today!

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