Where do we place our trust and our hope?

Thursday of the 25th Week

Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

Luke 9:7-9

Begin Mass with this question:

What’s new? We get asked that all the time and often do not know what to say. At least today, we can say, “The season of Fall is new as it begins today and ends on December 20.” As we go through our celebration, may we be able to say, “Everything is new because of Jesus Christ?”

Begin Homily:

Yesterday, my day was filled with a roller coaster of emotions. It began early in the morning with me trying to find a video I wanted to finish watching on my cell phone, and I could not find it. During the day, I thought I was doing my best with one person but found out it was upsetting someone else. I found myself asking, Lord, and I place my hope and trust in you to help me through all this. As I went to bed last night, I thanked God that he did help me through all of my days. But where do we place our hope and trust?

In our first reading, Ecclesiastes is written presumably by King Solomon, and he is looking back on his life and all that he accomplished by building the temple and a beautiful palace. He says, “All things are vanity!” King Solomon is reflecting on life and seeing that everything he accomplished will pass away and that there must be more to life than what he can see.

This is not a lesson in despair but a lesson that we are created for something bigger than what we can see.

In our Gospel, King Herod wonders the same thing as he looks at his wealth and treasures and the security this has given him. Still, he is a bit uncomfortable about this talk about Jesus and how people say that Jesus is John the Baptist come back to life. So King Herod is experiencing that all his treasures cannot protect him.

In our ordinary lives, where do we place our securities? In our wealth, homes, IRA? Or do we put our hope and trust in Jesus Christ, who has come to save us?

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