Do we listen enough to the Father’s voice?

Friday Twenty-Sixth week in Ordinary Time

Job 38:1, 12-21; 40:3-5

Luke 10:13-16

St. Jerome

Find out how the teachers get their students to be quiet in their classrooms.

We don’t usually talk in church, but I will take a break and let you talk amongst yourselves for a few minutes.

Give the first sign to get the students to be quiet.

OK, you can continue talking again as I take another break.

Give the second sign to get the students to be quiet.

Our readings today have a lot to do about listening and speaking at the appropriate time.

In our first reading, Job and his friends have talked about God, and God listened to them talking. Now God has something to say to Job, so he puts his hand over his mouth and becomes silent so God can speak to him without any interruptions.

In our Gospel, Jesus speaks to seventy-two people who have been listening to him, and now Jesus sends them out to speak his message of love, patience, and forgiveness.  

In our classrooms, there are times to listen and times to speak. We listen when our teacher says, and we talk when we are called upon to share our answers.

In the church, there are times to listen to God’s word, and there are times to give praise to God.

We come to our Catholic School to listen to stories about God and to learn from them given to us by our teachers. At the end of Mass, because we have heard the Good News, to go and speak it to all we meet.

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Jerome. He loved sacred scripture and is best known for translating the Bible into Latin, the common language of the people.

May we, too, have a love for reading sacred scripture.


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